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The Global Legal Hackathon announces Legal Pilot as an Offical Global Tech Partner for #Glh2022

The Global Legal Hackathon 2022, happening simultaneously in cities around the world on March 25-27th, has partnered with France-based legal tech company, Legal Pilot.

The Global Legal Hackathon (, the world’s largest technology innovation event and learning laboratory for the legal industry, is pleased to introduce no-code document automation platform, Legal Pilot as a global tech sponsor.

Legal Pilot was founded in 2017 by a team of lawyers and developers, offering its SaaS solution to legal professionals. Since inception, Legal Pilot has been actively engaged in the legal innovation ecosystem with the Lyon Bar Incubator, the French LegalTech Association and participation in legal tech events around the world. In 2021, the development of a “Legal Engineer” training course was endorsed by the French National Bar Association (CNB).

Pierre-Michel Motteau, co-Founder & COO, commented on their partnership for this year’s event, “We are honoured to have been selected as a global tech partner for the #GLH2022. It is part of our mission to contribute to the evolution of tools, skills, and ways to design and deliver legal services. We are very grateful for this chance to bring our stone to the legal innovation world.”

Starting on Friday evening, March 25th, and continuing until Sunday evening, teams will be able to use their own programming skills and/or range of tools made available to them to create a first version of their solution, which will include no-code for faster prototyping as they work to develop new technology solutions for “business of law” and “access to justice” problems. Selected winners in their respective cities will progress to the global semi-finals. Finalists will then be invited to the Global Legal Hackathon Final round and Gala (covid regulations permitting) to take place later in 2022.

Kearra Markowich, executive director of the Global Legal Hackathon said, “We see year after year with the GLH, just how important the intersection of law and technology is. The support of our tech partners providing these tools to our thousands of participants is critical in unleashing the creativity needed to drive forward the future solutions in the legal industry. We could not be more thrilled in having Legal Pilot involved this year”.

GLH2022 is a free, open access event. There are options to participate in-person at locations around the world, as well as virtually.


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