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Location: Parma, Italy

Deadline to apply: 7 September 2020

Are you a highly motivated professional with experience in the legal field? Do you want to play an active role within a dynamic team in a multicultural organization?

EFSA is looking for a paralegal technical assis...

July 27, 2020

Work seems a lot different today than just 3 months ago. 

Legal professionals are left defenceless during the COVID19 pandemic, they too are pushed out of their jobs as the whole world remains homebound. The question that comes to mind is, “how ready are legal professio...

July 24, 2020

On April 15, 2020, Ari Kaplan published an interview with Bob Rowe and Jamie Berry, the CEO and litigation business unit leader, respectively, for Integreon, a provider of alternative legal services, on his Reinventing Professionals podcast. (This article is a transcri...

Israel. A small Middle Eastern country that you have all heard about. This tiny country has been one of the focal points of the world during the past 7 decades, since its establishment back in 1948. 

Until about two decades ago, the focus was on Israel’s disputes with i...

July 22, 2020

Lawyers may be the only professionals who routinely rely on dense text to understand complicated ideas. And that could change for transaction lawyers with the release of StructureFlow to diagram and track complex deals. Before I report on this product, based on a conve...

Nations’ State Trial Courts Brought Online For the First Time


Trellis Research Inc. ("Trellis"), an AI-powered state trial court legal research and analytics platform, today announced it has expanded coverage to trial courts throughout New Yor...

July 17, 2020

Part 4: Legal tech

This week we’re going to round out this four-part series on how the current crisis serves as a tipping point for the Global Legal Industry by looking at LegalTech. I want to explore its implications, what is worth considering and how it carves a path...

July 16, 2020

If your law firm is experiencing an increase in success and your profits are rising, you may be considering expanding your business. Being in a position to scale up your law firm is an excellent place to be and demonstrates that all of your hard work is paying off. If...

Omer Hayun is Vice President of AI Products at Litera and Former Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bestpractix 

 1.   How and why did you decide to start Bestpractix?

Bestpractix was born out of my frustration doing contract work. I wasn’t actively thinkin...

July 13, 2020

Part 3: The Institutions

This week I want to explore what is happening with the current crisis and its implication for Institutions, what is worth considering and how it carves a path to the #futureoflaw.

The Institutions

The most obvious challenge arising here from COVID...

Table of Contents | WLS Special Edition:

Introduction, WLS Team
World Legal Summit Overview 

  • Informed Technology Development for a Globally Sustainable Future, Aileen Schultz

  • The Inaugural Year Sets the Stage, WLS Team

  • WLS Global Impact Award: ValiData, A...

July 8, 2020

One of my clients,  the managing partners in a large law firm- „we shine with the light of our clients”. The light of some law firms’ clients is dimming, sources of income are running dry, and managers of lawyers fear the crisis and cut costs, at the same time in panic...

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