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LegalBusinessWorld eZine 2023 - issue #4

Table of Contents | eZine 2023 - issue #4

  • Mobilising the power of what could go right to evolve legal ecosystems, Dr. Valérie M. Saintot

  • Embracing Innovation to Unlock the Future of the Legal Industry, Alejandro Esteve de Miguel Anglada

  • The Rise and Fall of the Single (Outsourcing) Provider: Hello, Flexible Sourcing, Anthony Davies

  • Partnering with an ALSP? Know Your Ethical Obligations to Conduct Security Due Diligence, Megan Silverman and Michel Sahyoun

  • Legally Burned. The Dark Side of Practicing Law, Marco Imperiale

  • Lawyers Need to Always Be Fishing for New Business, Steve Fretzin

  • Ensuring Purpose-Built Outcomes in Legal Services, interview with Doug Kaminski by Ari Kaplan

  • Drawn and Quartered: The Municipal Law Department, Richard G. Stock

  • The Secret Sauce to Successful Change-Management Human-centered design, Adrian Francis

  • Using Generative AI to Provide Greater Client Value, Ari Kaplan speaks with Greg Coates and Kennan Samman

You can read the online version here

You can download and read the PDF version here