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Houthoff Becomes First Dutch Law Firm to Utilise StructureFlow's Visualisation Tool

Independent top-tier Netherlands-based firm Houthoff today announces it has partnered with StructureFlow. It is the first Dutch law firm to implement the visualisation tool helping professionals to model and collaborate on legal structures and transactions.

By adopting StructureFlow, Houthoff’s lawyers have not only found efficiencies in visualising complex structure diagrams, but are able to use the tool to conceptualise the strategy of legal projects, like M&A transactions, tax projects or litigation processes.

When helping client’s tackle their most complex and critical problems, Houthoff’s legal team can now broaden their level of client service delivery, utilising StructureFlow’s innovative collaboration functionality to communicate in relation to complex diagrams.

With its investment in the StructureFlow software, Houthoff continues its commitment to collaborating with tech companies, combining legal domain expertise with technology innovation, in a hands-on approach that advances the industry and the technology supporting it.

“Not every lawyer is a PowerPoint hero. StructureFlow has helped our team think fast and visualise complex structures “on-the-fly” to achieve a professional chart without spending an afternoon aligning squares and connecting lines. And the fact that you can share the work product across teams in one click makes the entire workflow from idea to end-result exceptionally smooth and efficient,” said Steven ter Horst, Head of Innovation & Knowledge at Houthoff 
Steven also said that “the StructureFlow team have been quick in responding to our ideas to adapt the product to our needs and further develop their solution. The combination of focus, technical and legal expertise, and the ability to move quickly has created a solid partnership.”
Alex Baker, Head of Growth at StructureFlow said "Houthoff has a truly collaborative approach to integrating technology into their firm. By working closely with the team, we’re able to efficiently deploy our solution to multiple practice areas and a range of users, from support staff to partners, thus maximising the benefits every individual receives from the software. We’re so pleased to have Houthoff as our first customer in The Netherlands, and look forward to a long partnership of innovation.” 

About StructureFlow

StructureFlow is an intelligent visual modelling tool for lawyers & finance professionals. Its mission is to help users think, communicate, and collaborate more visually, and therefore more efficiently. Founded in 2017, StructureFlow is now being used by some of the world’s largest and most prestigious professional services firms and in-house teams.

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About Houthoff

Houthoff is an independent, leading law firm headquartered in The Netherlands, with offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels, London and New York and representatives in Houston and Singapore. Our 300 lawyers, civil-law notaries and tax advisers work collaboratively to ensure we are there for our clients when they need us most.

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