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Data Protection: When legal Meets Data Analytics

By Kenny Tung & Glenn McCarthy.

These (e)books, written by Kenny Tung & Glenn McCarthy, are a follow-up from the workshop on data protection delivered at a Legal Function Transformation Round Table subgroup on Oct.22, 2021.

As governments have been promulgating data protection laws in recent years, legal departments are called upon to support or even lead functions tasked, among others, for the secure use of data. While lawyers are supposed to master facts and evidence, not everyone appreciates the rationale and usage of Big Data, especially in the context of business organizations and broader ecosystems. While the raceway is in a turn in a globalized and complex world and changes are accelerating, data protection presents the type of challenges that call for interdisciplinary approaches staffed with T-shaped professionals. And such resource configuration and strategy should be grounded on organization purposes and strategic intent ultimately to serve someone in a broader ecosystem. Here, the job-to-be-done framework complements analytics in terms of whether and how certain data enters the picture. From this premise, Part 1 of this ebook inspects data use and the challenge in data protection through the lenses of Legal and business with a view to remind stakeholders to maintain an interdisciplinary and integrated resolution.

Part 2 of this ebook undertakes a technology perspective and starts with a survey of the scale that data has grown into and the use cases for data analytics, followed by a deeper look into programmatic advertising and the representative data issues.

After enumerating a variety of new technology coming into the data and analytics business, the piece explores the trade-offs for businesses in approaching data and analytics, including drivers such as business models and data industry dynamics, laying the groundwork for the recommendations in Part 3. Part 2 also includes a sidebar on data taxonomy.

Part 3 of the ebook brings it together after the discussion of the data protection challenge from the perspectives of Legal and business strategy in Part 1 and an investigation of the post data-proliferation trade-offs experienced by businesses in Part 2. After arriving at the notion that each company must find its own game that fits its reason of existence in an ecosystem, this Part explores a data analytics pipeline that is integrated with business strategy and operations with an illustration of the roles of stakeholders in the organization and ecosystem. Despite how underdeveloped data governance technology is relative to numerous other technologies deployed, the last section provides recommendations for the data protection function to start with, not the least having an HR roadmap. Also included is a sidebar on lessons learned from a cautionary tale. Finally, to help review the key points in both parts of the ebook, readers can find a list of questions at the end to stimulate their thoughts on next steps.


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