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The Appetizer: Sponsors

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The Main Course: 5 Things That Made Me Think This Week

  • Analysis, not Hype. Ivy Grey explains how workflow analysis is key to unlocking positive change among all of the complexity in the legal industry.

  • Want the right software? Involve the right people. Mike Quartararo has an excellent piece on Above the Law about getting more people with a stake in the software they'll be using involved in purchasing decisions.

  • Free Legal Tech for Legal Aid Orgs: several companies are donating their products to legal aid orgs through a new program created by the ABA Center on Innovation and LSC. Kudos to Ross Intelligence and PacerPro of San Francisco; MetaJure of Seattle; vTestify and Civvis of Raleigh, NC; Powernotes of Chicago and Documate of Los Angeles.

  • Shouldn't Judges Be Subject to the Duty of Tech Competence? A short, thoughtful piece by Bob Ambrogi. He's right, of course. They should be...perhaps a few tech-related questions should find their way to candidate forums in places that elect judges, and it would be a good topic of inquiry for judicial nominating committees in states that appoint judges.

  • The Art, Science, and Unicorns of Data Analytics. Rob Saccone summarizes the Ark Group’s recent "Business Intelligence and Analytics in the Legal Profession" conference in Chicago and unpacks the interplay of data analytics and law.

  • The Architecture of Crystals: a mesmerizing video. Nearly every shot made me think "oh, when the crystals form like that it looks just like an [insert noun]" with as many different answers as there were clips.


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