The Master’s Conference: Vendor Management and the Alignment of Legal Service Delivery

Vendor Management and the Alignment of Legal Service Delivery

February 28, 2019

Dallas, Texas

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Moderator: Cash Butler

Cash Butler is the founder of ClariLegal. A seasoned legal technology innovator, Cash has over 18 years of experience in the legal vertical market, primarily working in eDiscovery, litigation & compliance. Cash is an expert in legal vendor, pricing and project management.

Cash publishes a series of articles in Legal Business World entitled: The Value Series: Defining Value in Delivery of Legal Services. Read more here.

About The Masters Conference The Masters Conference brings together leading experts and professionals from law firms, corporations, and the bench to develop strategies, practices, and resources for managing the information lifecycle. The Masters Conference has served the legal community for over Ten Years. They have hosted over three thousand experts in multiple countries around the latest trends in technology within the legal community.

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