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New Series Announcement: ''TechnoBrew''

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Per Edition 9, 2018 a new Series will be published in our eMagazine. The Series is called ''Technobrew: A Series about Emerging Technologies & Global Systems'' - and is authored by Aileen Schultz.

What the Series is about:

Emerging technologies are taking the world by storm. These technologies are demanding the improvement of current global systems, as well as the formation of new ones. Governments and legal bodies across the globe are organizing around these topics, and in some places solid regulations are emerging. This series is designed to explore these emerging systems through the lens of progressing technology, changing legislation, and the experts involved.

First article: Identity for All | A Crisis in Demand of Input from the Legal Industry


About the Author: Aileen Schultz is a Toronto based award winning growth and innovation strategist with a global footprint, and a passion for creating better exponential systems. She works with SME's across several sectors with a focus in legal and blockchain technology. She is a founder of the Global Legal Hackathon (40 cities, 22 countries), and an avid proponent of progressing sensible global systems through technology.

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