Unique Value Points

  • The first and only (online) broadcast network dedicated to the legal industry, launching in the US (followed by worldwide roll-out)

  • Using the power of the audience (market) to create news via a new correspondent app, supplemented with curated news content using the most prominent news sources

  • Already +700 correspondents lined-up in +30 countries

  • The first network to deepen news content with special interest programming, online articles, and other interactive epublications (see Legal Business World Publications). 

  • Launch with +200K visitors (leveraged from Legal Business World Publications)

  • Multichannel distribution via the most prominent, and used channels

  • A new and distinctive source to communicate thru advertising, sponsored programs, Matchvertising™, and context marketing

  • +40 (media)partnerships to promote Legal Business World and to create joint programs (e.g. World Legal Summit, Global Legal Hackathon, etc)

  • Founders have a combined 50 years of experience in legal media, Innovation, building successful businesses

Legal News Coverage

There is a lack of legal news coverage by the current traditional networks. Since their goal is to cover news facts for the general public they miss out on a lot of branch/market news. Legal news coverage requires a deep understanding of the legal market, its dynamics, and what professionals need

Current providers of legal news

Legal news is mainly published via email newsletters or websites. There seems to be an abundance of news pushed via newsletters' though most of them lack clarity in completeness, and independence. This is mainly because stories are copied, there is a lack of self-critisism (research about the source), deepening of stories, quantity above quality and publishers (editors) decide what's interesting and what not. Not that all of this is bad, but we believe in another approach. Legal Business World believes in the power of its audience, meaning that we will use our audience as an important source in content creation. Lawyer, law firms, GC's, corporate lawyers, faculty staff etc. After all, the dynamics in the legal market are not the exclusive domain of the lawyer, his Law firm, the legal product providers or the client, but to complete market!


Quantity versus Quality

What we see in the general news market, we also see in the current legal market. Most stories have a life-span of one day and then they disappear into oblivion. There is no deepening of stories, nor good insights and background information. Quantity prevails above quality. Especially in a professional market like the legal market, It is not the quantity but the usability. There is a need more insights and information, and therefore deepening of news stories add more value to the story itself, its background and increases usage of this content.


The correspondent app: Audience participation is key

 As mentioned before. we believe in the power of our audience. All participants active on the legal market are a great source for valuable

news and information. E.g the best source on legaltech solutions are the innovators and the user of these solutions; 

the best source in a successful pitch is the company who initiated the pitch and the winner of the pitch; the best source

on changing IP law is the IP specialist involved in drafting the changed rules and the practitioner who uses these rules; 

the best source in reporting about a bankruptcy or successful M&A is the legal professional who was involved in the 

bankruptcy or M&A, etc. Therefore we will develop an app which makes it possible for all active players in the legal market

to share their story, comment on facts and deepen stories. This correspondent app is free to download and can be used

to upload stories, share videos and add comments. So far +700 correspondents are lined-up to use the app to share

their news.

Legal Business World Online TV

Legal Business World Television will be distributed via the Internet, Media Player and apps, such as: Roku, Apple TV, Amazone Fire TV, Google ChromeCast, Apple app, Android app, Android TV, smart TV, YouTube and Online via Legal Business World. Usage/viewing is free and shows are available as streaming TV and on demand.



Legal Business World Television will start with 3 shows: Headline news, Business New and Legal Latest. Headline news consists of a selection of the most important news, divided in US news and International legal news. Business News consist of topical news, and presents more insights. Both shows are hosted by an anchor (man/woman). Legal Latest is an automated show in which all news is presented in a tickertape (below screen) and in articles on primary screen. Under investigation: Legal Latest articles with voice over; audio articles.

Sales products: Advertising|Commercials|Sponsored programming|Expert to be consulted|Narrow casting (under investigation)

Special interest programs

To deepen stories and share specific developments or topics, and create a stronger customer lock-in we will offer special programs. To get a better understanding of what professionals need or wish for, we conducted a survey amongst user of Legal Business World Publications (n=2500). Based on these results we've selected 14 formats for special interest programming. Some examples: 

  • Thought Leader Talks. Thought Leaders on the changing market, strategy, Management and business development.

  • Woman in Law. All about woman working in the legal segment. News facts, the challenges, successes, hurdles, career development etc.

  • Inknowvation. Latest innovative news, ICT, software, AI and other innovations affecting the legal market and the development of the legal profession

  • Practice makes Perfect. Legal practitioners will talk about the latest developments, challenges and the future of their practice.

  • Market & Clients. CEO's, GC's, corporate and company lawyer talk about their needs, market developments, Lawyers and Law firms, etc 

  • Your Legal Life. A lifestyle program dedicated to the legal professionals (from real estate to cars and fashion , from travel to gadgets and tools)

These TV formats offer deepening, new insights and knowledge.

Sales products: Advertising|Commercials|Sponsored programming|Special guest|Interviews|Narrow casting and CLE (under investigation)

Legal Business Podcast Radio

Since all TV shows consist of a video stream and an audio stream it is easy to make podcasts of every news and special interest show. Offering TV shows in a podcast format (listening) increases the reach of our content, increases brand awareness, endorses TV, and enables use to use podcast radio as an advertising channel next to television.

Legal Business World Publications

Legal Business World publications is an open and free platform (website) on the business of law and the development of the legal profession. With +850 articles, +100 eMagazines and eBooks, and +200K monthly visitors it is an online reference database on the business of law. This makes it easy to enrich and deepen TV news with articles and/or other epublications. Another feature is that we're able to embed TV shows (video streams) in emagazines. This makes promoting TV formats more efficient and effective, and adding in-depth information (articles) to news or other information very easy. 


  • (TV) Headline news - After 18 y working with big law firms, Nike is moving to a mid-size firm and grants a multi-million USD contract to KvdL.

  • (TV) Business news - explanation why Nike moved (KvdL using software and AI tools that increase efficiency and reduce costs)

  • (TV) Market & Client show - interview with Nike and/or KvdL about the innovative pitch and offering

  • (Online) Article - How to lower operating costs by using AI and DMS in primary process | eBook LegalTech for law firms 

  • (Extra sales opportunity in this example- KvdL, Nike, ICT providers who partner in the deal, Competitive ICT Providers)

Legal Business World Business Case

The ad spending in the US legal market surpasses 1B USD, of which approx. 700M is B2B related. Our goal is to claim a percentage of this market. Since Legal Business World is the first who offers legal TV, including all its benefits it creates an opportunity to show a product or service in a new channel. Since legal TV is perceived as a new and hot medium it's creates a unique opportunity (differentiation). Since Legal Business World offers state of the art advertising and marketing solutions it is attractive to use them.   

3 cases based on market share in the US. Our case is based on the Base case scenario.

3 Year projection

The business case is based on the base case, however when launching Legal Business World, the target set is based on the high case scenario

5 Year projection

The business case is based on the base case, however when launching Legal Business World, the target set is based on the high case scenario

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Substantiating Sales

One way to substantiate sales efforts is to build a business case in which turnover is based on the premonition of product(s) that are sold. The foundation of such cases lean on market volume, and the estimate 'belief' of sold products or services. We've based our case on a reasonable targeted market share, set against actual insights in sales (best practices). We've looked at several new product introductions, based on advertising and marketing in the legal market, performance figures, and growth figures. With this data we calculated the average reasonable sales progression per fte, and aligned it with our case, resulting in achievable sales figures and the amount sales reps needed.

Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 12.53.55.png

* Average (feasible) sales per fte for new product introductions in the legal market


3 year sales progression compared with an actual case of Wolters Kluwer 


Pre-Seed Investment:  200K (founders) used for building and launching Legal Business World publications, survey's and research concepts (new sales, TV, Podcast Radio, milestone deliverables, eMagazine, software, etc)


For building and launching Legal Business World as a broadcast network, with integrated Podcast Radio and ePublications we need $1,125M. 

Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 13.07.34.png


The  valuation of  Legal Business World was done by Equidam (Netherlands) and Preferred Return (US). The result of both valuations was a venture valued above $7.5M. The figure below is the summary of the valuation by Preferred Return. 

Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 12.03.06.png