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Author Info 2021

Article Specs and Deadlines eMagazine

Text: Word or Pages

Font size: 12 (Text, Titles and Paragraphs)

Text Elements: Bold, Italics and Underline

Line spacing:1,5

Paragraph spacing: default (do not use different spacing)

Hyperlinks: Full link (path) in text

Photo: Send as separate file

Photo format: JPG, PNG

Photo size: min. 800 pix or more (max15MB)

Note: Tekst revisions in Beta/Proof for magazine articles

When you know upfront that there is a possibility that you'll add or change significant amounts of text and/or a paragraph(s), please tell us when you send the article over. Knowing makes it easier for us to manage the editorial workflow, and it prevents us from unforeseen extra editorial costs.  


For example:

  • You know that you'll probably add one or more paragraphs/tables/illustrations, but at the moment you don't have them ready

  • Your in a hurry and decide to send the article, knowing you will probably change in the Beta/Proof phase  

Please let us know upfront!

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