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LegalBusinessWorld eMagazine 2019 - ed. #8

November 19, 2019


Table of Contents | eMagazine 2019 - ed. #8:


  • An Interview with Laurent Tam Nguyen on Development in the ASEAN markets

  • Managing the Legal Supply Chain, Richard G. Stock

  • How As A Firm Leader You Can Harness Innovation, Patrick McKenna

  • How New Workflow Efficiency Platforms are Poised to Change the Legal Industry, Monica Zent

  • What does a transformational social impact program look like? Pamela Cone

  • The Industrialization of Law, James Côté

  • The NewLaw Wave: Who’s Staying Afloat & Who’s Drowning, Shany Raitsin

  • Is France becoming the vanguard of civil law LegalTech? Pierre-Michel Motteau

  • A ClariLegal interview with Martin Tully, Founding partner of Actuate Law, LLC, Cash Butler and James Johnson

  • The European Union and the principle of judicial independence, Marie-José Garot

  • Technological Innovation and Law: How to Reconcile? Aileen Schultz

  • Law Firms and People Seeking Legal Advice Plagued, Fake Google Listings, a short interview with Conrad Saam 

  • Start with WHY and Start with Women (also) in Law Firms, Andrea Miskolczi

  • “Frequency Illusion” Your Authority Booster, Itzik Amiel

  • Successful Litigation Strategies of the Future Will be Supported by Data Analysis, Rick Merrill

  • The Rise and Rise of Managed Legal Services, Danh Nguyen

  • Striving for firm wide flexibility, Louise Ferris

  • How ‘Sticky’ is Your Area of Practice: Effects on Marketing & Firm Management, Jared Kimball

  • 3 Ways to Set Your Law Firm Up for Online Marketing Success, Victoria Blute

  • Contract Design Canvas: How to plan and deliver a contract design project without losing your way (or mind), Verity White

  • How to Tackle Gender Inequality in Your Firm, Katherine Jones

You can download and read the PDF version here.

You can read the online reader version here.





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