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LegalBusinessWorld eMagazine 2019 - ed. #4

Table of Contents | eMagazine 2019 - ed. #4:

  •  Legal Department Strategy: Are you Right-Sourcing? Mick Sheehy

  • Secrets From the Best Practices, Deborah B. Farone

  • 5 Ways General Counsels and Senior Partners can collaborate to improve diversity, Lisa Unwin

  • Could regulatory frameworks actually progress technology innovation? Aileen Schultz

  • Getting Traction for Innovation in the Legal Department, Richard G. Stock

  • International case study: how to abolish the time billing model, Kaizad Kasad

  • 6 LinkedIn Do’s & Don’ts, Sandra Bekhor

  • The Sorcery of Outsourcing, Jackie Donner

  • Why should lawyers care about the UN Global Compact and the UN SDGs? Pamela Cone

  • How to stop being ‘behind’, James Côté

  • Breach, New Players in Contract Management, Raymond Blijd

  • An Industry in Transition: Legal Services “Market of the Future”, Nita Sanger

  • Your Personal Legal Brand (Part II) How to Create and Maintain Your Brand, Jaimie B. Field

  • Why A.I.enabled KM solutions are the foundation for law firms, Ellery Sutanto

  • Are Lawyers Thinking as Business Owners or Employees? Kimberly Rice

  • Are we trying to build a House for a Tsunami? Quddus Pourshafie

  • Frequently Asked Questions about Legal Project Management , Marion Ehmann

  • A ClariLegal interview with Mary Mack, Executive Director of ACEDS, Cash Butler and James Johnson

  • You Need It To Stand Out And Outperform, Itzik Amiel

You can download and read the PDF version here.

You can read the online reader version here.



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