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White-Collar Crime and Investigations | Key Elements of a Successful Practice

Report by Macrae Market Intelligence.

A study by transatlantic partner search firm Macrae, in which they focus on the legal specialization of white-collar crime and government investigations. Citing leading white-collar practitioners, combined with their own insights, they will explore four areas::

1. How the white-collar practice area has evolved globally over the past decade and what future demand looks like in the context of the global pandemic. 2. What key skills are required for a successful white-collar cross-border practice. 3. Market specific dynamics and their impact on partner recruitment in key financial centers. 4. Some of the most notable white-collar moves in each region in which Macrae operates to illustrate the points above.

Whether you are the Managing Partner of a law firm or a white-collar practitioner considering your future career trajectory, we very much hope you find the insights that follow useful. Should you have any questions or thoughts to share, please do not hesitate to reach out to any one of us via the contact information provided on the final page of this report.

Download and read the report. (Click the reports for automatic download)

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