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When Should You Start Looking for a Timeshare Lawyer?

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Timeshare contracts are legally binding documents and thus can have disputes because of various legal intricacies. As a result, there are several cases where the owners need help with their units. You will likely need legal know-how and experience in a legal dispute. So choosing the best timeshare lawyers can help you find your foot and fight against unfair practices against you.

It is critical to be aware of when you should go to hire an attorney. Below are some problems that might indicate that it is time for you to consult a timeshare legal expert.

When There is Misrepresentation by Salespeople

There are many instances when the salesperson of a unit gives false information. For example, they can make people believe the annual fee will be capped when they are not. When you notice problems or when the salespeople lied about certain aspects, you should find the best timeshare lawyers when a salesperson commits negligent misrepresentation. The fix will be cheaper and faster if you encounter the problem early enough. Moreover, you can also cancel your contract. But if the rescission period is passed, the attorney will help deal with such issues.

When You Face Issues with the Contract

Even when there is no misinterpretation, there are times when you can have issues with the contract. For example, it might be possible that the agreement was written in a state with a provision that is illegal in your condition. Moreover, there can be cases where the critical information in the deed can be wrong. You should get the contract or the deed fixed soon in these cases. Hiring a timeshare attorney in these circumstances can be highly beneficial because they can file a lawsuit to reform your contract or deed.

When You Are Getting Sued

You may find yourself in legal trouble needing a timeshare attorney. A lawsuit against you is one such situation where you will need an attorney. You may get sued for any condition in or around your property or contract breach. In either case, you will need to consult an attorney who will advise you on the right way forward along with your duties during the entire process. If you get any legal paperwork or have a lawsuit against you, it is also advisable to get legal advice immediately.

When You Face Financial Troubles

There might be a case when you do not face any of the above problems. But you may need help paying your timeshare's annual maintenance. Or you want to get out of the contract, but your request is ignored. In these cases, again, you can immediately reach out to the attorney for legal advice. They can help interact with all the stakeholders in case you want to release or transfer.


When working with timeshares investment, there are chances that you will have no end to your headaches. Most of the problems that you might be facing will be legal. Although there might be cases where you have some knowledge about the law, most circumstances require you to consult a professional to get legal advice. Furthermore, it would be best if you went for attorneys who have experience handling timeshare cases and are aware of the state's laws. Their goal should be to get the best result for you at a minimal cost and without any hassle.

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