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The Evolution of Lawyers in Business: Igniting potential in an industry held back by tradition

When: February 15th from 12-1:30pm EST

Where: Virtual Roundtable via Microsoft Teams (ULX)

Who: Richard Susskind and Mark Cohen, moderated by Anusia Gillespie

Register: Webinar registration | Microsoft Teams


The Most Dangerous Phrase in Business is: “We've Always Done It This Way”

How can legal learn from the past, look to the future, and lean into today?

This is the topic up for discussion as Richard Susskind and Mark Cohen debate barriers to legal evolution and how to ignite potential in an industry held back by tradition. Hosted by Anusia Gillespie of UnitedLex, this 90-minute discussion will spark new ways of thinking about the future of legal and its impact on business and society.

Susskind, the world's most cited author on the future of legal services, argues that in an era of increasingly capable systems, the nature and purpose of the professions and legal services are being incrementally transformed.

Cohen, a regular Forbes contributor, and longstanding legal innovator, raises the issue of culture and how forward-thinking leaders must instill, with persistence, a new set of metrics focused on clients and community rather than profits and new business.

During this interactive debate, Susskind and Cohen will assess barriers, opportunities, and risks inherent in innovation, leading-edge technologies, digital adoption, and evolving interpretations of the legal function.

Format: Anusia will open and introduce both speakers. Richard will speak to his topics for 20-25 mins followed by a 10-15 discussion facilitated by Anusia. Mark will do the same after which the audience can ask questions for 10-15 minutes.

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