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oneNDA: creating a universally standardised NDA

OneNDA is a community-led initiative whose mission is to create a universally standardised and agreed upon NDA that will reduce legal work, increase transparency, and speed up business dealings. The mission is to get:

  • 100 lawyers to reach consensus on the standard NDA format in the coming months, and

  • 1,000 companies to formally adopt the oneNDA standard by the end of 2021.

The NDA is ubiquitous. It’s an essential starting point for commercial dealings globally. But despite its ubiquity and straightforward purpose, it remains a heavily negotiated document that consumes time with minimal ROI. The #oneNDA initiative was borne out of frustration with this state of affairs. Law firms don’t want to charge for them, in-house lawyers don’t want to review them and business owners don’t want to pay for them.

The oneNDA will be an open-source document available for anyone to adopt. The more people use it, the better.

Want to be part of it? Join here.


oneNDA is supported by:

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