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McKenna's book 'Industry Specialization' picked as most popular book by Thinkers 360

We're proud to share that the book 'Industry Specialization-Making Competitors Irrelevant' is picked by Thinkers 360 as one of the most popular and leading books (eBook) of Thought Leaders in the legal industry.

Thinkers360 was founded to help solve some of the current issues in the thought leadership “industry”.

Thinkers 360: "Today, the thought leadership ecosystem is highly-fragmented and often closed to most outsiders. Once a specialized art, practiced by a few, thought leadership is now a widespread discipline practiced by many – beyond the current 1% that the “industry” currently serves. We’ve searched the Thinkers360 Content Library to pick out the year-to-date’s most popular books on business, technology and sustainability from Thinkers360 member thought leaders. Here’s our picks (listed by ranking on Amazon*) with direct links to the publications as well as to the author’s exclusive thought leadership profiles, portfolios and media kits on Thinkers360!."

We congratulate Patrick J. McKenna with this milestone!

On behalf of the Legal Business World team, Allard & Joek

*And Legal Business World

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