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Lexpo '23 - 2 day's of Legaltech & Innovation

Lexpo'23 - the 5th International edition

Lexpo will soon celebrate its fifth anniversary! After four completely sold-out editions, it is evident that Lexpo has established itself as the most prestigious Continental European legal technology and year'sinnovation event, featuring the perfect balance between informative live sessions, commercial presence and ample networking opportunities.

So, if you want your law firm or in-house legal department to thrive in times of unprecedented change for the legal industry, then Lexpo'23 is that one event you can't afford to miss!

This years themes are:


Optimising the delivery of legal services is of key importance for high-performing legal departments. For outside counsel, on the other hand, knowledge about how this optimisation can be achieved is invaluable for strengthening the relationship. At Lexpo'23 you will hear how innovative legal departments operate, learn from their leaders, and discover the latest trends, innovations, and technologies that will help you increase strong sustainable effectiveness as well as strong sustainable relationships!


In recent years, an ever-increasing number of legaltech applications and services have been launched by an equal number of (start-up) companies. The vast majority of these applications are point solutions, solving a small but specific issue in the practice of law. How can law firms and in-house legal departments formulate strategies on how to deal with the overwhelming amount of new tools available, how to make the right choice between competing products,, and how to guarantee user adoption and overall success?


Cybersecurity has been on the Lexpo agenda before: we highlighted ways to improve security while keeping everyone happy. This year we will deep dive into the weakest link of the security chain: you! The human factor is a key concern for law firms trying to keep their networks and clients’ data secure. Most cyberattacks are designed to take advantage of normal human behaviour rather than flaws in software. Lexpo’23 will feature eye-opening sessions explaining the modus operandi of social engineers.


Lawyers, secretaries and support staff comprise the traditional workforce that had kept law firms going for decades. But more recently, due to changing market conditions and client demand, a wealth of new job titles can be identified in the legal industry. What roles are required for running successful law firms and thriving legal departments today? And how does technology fit into the picture? At Lexpo’23 you will get answers from renowned industry experts and seasoned HR experts.

Why visit Lexpo '23

Network with the Lexpo speakers and panelists, your peers from the legal industry, and dozens of vendors of innovative legaltech products and services. There will be plenty opportunities to relax and socialize: during the morning- and afternoon breaks, while enjoying the extensive lunch buffets, during the refreshing drinks reception, or at the networking dinner!

Learn about the latest innovations and find out how new solutions can bring you and your firm to the next level. Find out what legaltech startups are working on and how their solutions might streamline your operations. Discuss pressing issues during round table sessions and discover how other firms delivered successful projects to the business.

Have fun! Lexpo visitors know they can expect the best experience: top speakers, interactive sessions, timely themes, high-quality catering, and great content.

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