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LegalBusinessWorld eZine 2024 - issue #1

Table of Contents | eZine 2024 - issue #1

  • The New Role of ‘Legal Data Translators’: Navigating the Intersection of Law and Data Science, Amanda Catharine Chaboryk

  • Are Cost Control Mandates Putting the Company at Risk? How Australian-Based GCs Can Navigate the “Perfect Storm”, Tracey Batty-Jones

  • Eight Wastes Series. 8 Ways to Stop Losing Time & Money in Your Law Practice: Part 2 Karen Dunn Skinner and David Skinner

  • Navigating the Regulatory Landscape The Urgency of AML and KYC Compliance in the Legal Sector, Dave Ingeveld

  • Navigating the Future of Legal Industry: Insights on Legal Tech and AI, Emily Cox

  • Changing Law Firms, Richard G. Stock

  • Confident Leadership Series. Decoding Confidence: The Five Building Blocks, Mila Trezza

  • Rainmaking Women The Future of Growth and Status in an Ever-Changing Environment, Steve Fretzin

  • A GPT-document search is unrealistic for mass search – do this instead, Jason Ly


  • Lessons from the Law Firm Maturity Index. What are the links between a law firm’s purpose, staff wellbeing, and business risk? Manu Kanwar and Stuart Woollard

  • The Online Survey, Law Firm Maturity Index

You can download and read the PDF version here

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