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LegalBusinessWorld eZine 2023 - issue #5

Updated: Aug 22

Table of Contents | eZine 2023 - issue #5

  • Redesigning the legal function for the future, Victoria Swedjemark

  • Bridging the Gap Between Business and Legal, Bo Kinloch

  • How Litigators Can Leverage Data to Gain a Competitive Advantage, Ari Kaplan, Jeff Jacobson, and Nicole Clark

  • A (Law) Firm Foundation: How Addressing Mental Health in Law Offices Leads to Corporate Success, Elizabeth C. Ortega & Fernando Garcia

  • Cultural Intelligence for AI Ethics in Business, Tatiana Caldas-Löttiger

  • Living in a VUCA World, Marco Imperiale

  • Are you a Hunter or a Farmer? Grow your Law Practice into which is best for you, Steve Fretzin

  • Shattering the Glass Ceiling: How Salary Transparency Strengthens the Legal Profession, Tom Stephenson

  • Interview with David Gaskey, Cash Butler

  • An Unsustainable Business Model, Richard G. Stock

  • The Mediator as Leader and the Leader as Mediator: Building Skills in Ubiquitous, Collaborative, Democratic Leadership, Kenneth Cloke & Joan Goldsmith

  • Challenges In And Strategies For Law Firms To Adopt Legal Technology In India, Rohit Shukla and Shreya Vajpei

You can read the online version here

You can download and read the PDF version here

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