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LegalBusinessWorld eMagazine 2022 - issue 3

Table of Contents | eMagazine 2022 - issue 3:

  • Legal Innovation and What Other Industries Can Teach Us, Nonopa Vanda

  • Law Department Condition – Getting by or Critical? Richard Stock

  • Are robots taking over our jobs? Series Legal tech: Beyond the myths #4, Arnoud Engelfriet

  • Pulse of the Profession: Survey reveals lawyers’ priorities about world problems, Pamela Cone

  • Striving Toward A Legal Trifecta Of AI-Based Robo-Lawyers, Robo-Judges, And Robo-Jurors, Lance Eliot

  • The Value of Leveraging Productivity Automation Technology Ari Kaplan speaks with Alex Babin

  • Legal Design: The next challenge for legal professionals, Marco Imperiale

  • An Interview with Scott Seidewitz, Editorial Dept.

  • Data Protection - When Legal Meets Data Analytics, Part 3, Kenneth Tung & Glenn McCarthy (eBook)

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You can read the online version here

You can download and read the PDF version here

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