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LegalBusinessWorld eMagazine 2021 - issue 7

Table of Contents | eMagazine 2021 - issue 7:

  • Legal Tech and Its Foray into the Indian Legal System, Ms. Vasundhara Shankar

  • Back to business as usual? Why law firm strategy needs an update, post-Covid, Hariolf Wenzler

  • Legal tech: Beyond the myths #2: The focus on accuracy, Arnoud Engelfriet

  • Your Future Workforce won't fit into Your Firm!, Sebastian Hartmann and Madeleine Bernhardt

  • The Most Lucrative Growth Is Industry Focused, But Only If You Get Granular, Patrick J. McKenna

  • How LPM & Pricing can support every member of the law firm team, Pieter van der Hoeven

  • Law firms mergers in a post-pandemic world, Adv. Zohar Fisher

  • Adding Another Lawyer to the Law Department?, Richard G. Stock

  • The Main Challenge in Financial Services Communications Compliance, Interview with Shiran Weitzman by Ari Kaplan

  • Data Protection, When Legal Meets Data Analytics (Part 1 of 2), Kenneth Tung and Glenn McCarthy

  • Asking the right questions to inspire compelling website copy, Heidi Turner

  • Pandemic, Metaverse & other demons, 2022 resolutions, Chiara Lamacchia

  • The project of firms implementing Legal Project Management, Eliana Fonseca

  • Data is the New Gold, how are you managing your Legal Department’s data?, Leah Molatseli

  • The Why and How to Navigate a Saturated Legal-Tech Market, Caroline Ragan

  • Mindfulness: An Essential Tool for the Modern Lawyer, Cathryn Urquhart

  • Renovate Your Bill Review Process, Virginia Griffith

  • Ready ... Set ... Change!, Mat Jakubowski

  • Press Release from the newswire, Editorial Dept. LBW

You can download and read the PDF version here.

You can read the online reader version here.

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