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LegalBusinessWorld eMagazine 2020 - ed. #6

Table of Contents | eMagazine 2020 - ed. #6:

  • Being future-ready means being cloud-ready for Professional Services Firms, Sebastian Hartmann & Ashish Madan

  • Supporting women and minorities in leadership, Terri E. Givens

  • Unconscious Bias: A Reality for Judges, Forensic Investigators and Lawyers, Todd Hutchison, Marais Dekker & Oliver Schoeman

  • Missteps NEW Firm Leaders Make, Patrick J. McKenna

  • Technology & the Generational Gap, Abeer Abu Judeh

  • Breaking bad. How bad habits are perpetuating dysfunction in contracts, and how to break them, Denis Potemkin

  • The S Factor: Synergy & Simplicity, Eimear McCann

  • An interview with Audrey Rubin, Cash Butler & Jeff Kruse

  • A climate crisis imperative: Legal firms step up to the challenge, Pamela Cone

  • Thoughts on Pricing Legal Services, Richard G. Stock

  • How to use data to create relevant content for your audiences, Owen Simpson

  • Outsourced In-House Counsel. An interview with Amy Osteen, Ari Kaplan

  • A Lawyer Guide to Networking Events in a Virtual World, Jaimie B. Field

  • Helping the new Firm Leader Successfully Transition. Virtual Advisory Sessions, Patrick J. McKenna

You can download and read the PDF version here.

You can read the online reader version here.

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