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Lawrina’ First Year in Review: The Year of Care

2021, the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, was the first year of Lawrina — a legal portal aimed to improve free access to legal information and build an innovative community around lawyers.

Innovation in the sphere of law is not only about technology. It is also about the experience, practices, and communication lawyers should adhere to when cooperating with clients. It is about legal systems designed for both end-users and legal practitioners. With a mission to improve legal practices in the changing world, the portal developed projects that best fit the slogan: The Year of Care.

Although it is a young project, Lawrina’s first year was well-balanced and full of inspiring projects. That is why we wanted to share with you some of the highlights of what they have done so far:

  • Access to legal information

With an aim to make legal information more accessible for legal practitioners and easier to comprehend to the general public, Lawrina sets up a goal to create compelling content. On the US Law page, you will find a list of helpful resources which cover the codes, rules, and regulations.

  • Lawyers’ online presence

With the rise of the internet and social media, people began to believe that what they see online is more valuable than recommendations or words of advice that they receive in “the real world.” This is why marketing and PR activities are so important. With the help of its skillful PR manager, Lawrina has managed to put out more than 20 publications in the external legal media.

  • Sharing your ideas

Expressing your interests and thoughts, being heard, and talking to like-minded people are important parts of social life. On Lawrina, lawyers have an opportunity to express themselves by writing for the Lawyers' Tribune. More than 30 lawyers have shared their expertise with Lawrina's team, and their texts have been transformed into thoughtful and educational articles.

  • Being part of the community

On social media, you can build professional connections and create meaningful projects. Lawrina created a LinkedIn community that connects lawyers and gives them a way to communicate with each other. More than 100 legal practitioners participate in the LinkedIn closed group with measurable value, and you can be among them. Read more about Lawrina's Community or join the closed group for lawyers on LinkedIn.

  • Professional development

The emergence of the pandemic rearranged the lawyers' life in many ways. These extreme changes may seem too difficult to deal with and get used to, and developing professionally during this time can feel almost impossible at times. That is why Lawrina’s team created the ebook: Lawyers' Work and Productivity in the New Normal. A detailed 80+ page guide to remote work for lawyers and legal practitioners in a post-pandemic world will guide you through the ways to maintain productivity, develop your skills, and implement innovations in your daily practice.

  • Mental health

Mental health is highly important to keep your life happy and balanced. Having so many people under their care, often lawyers forget about taking care of themselves. Lawrina decided to discuss mental health in the legal sphere and invited the best experts with great experience in managing their work-life balance and helping others to work towards this balance. The webinar is available on YouTube, so you can find out what the experts discussed.

  • Stress management

After the webinar, all participants received a helpful checklist on managing stress. Prepared in collaboration with Andreea Serban, Business Coaching Specialist and Owner of eLAWvation, the checklist gathered all vital information in a structured way to approach the problem with the organization needed. Even if you weren't among the webinar participants, you can still find the checklist on Lawrina's website.

  • Legal education

Education has no limits, just like space. Space law is a new and highly trending topic with little information on the Internet. Lawrina decided to organize a lecture, "To Infinity And Beyond: Space Law 101," about this unique area of law, covering all questions law students or practicing lawyers have about it. The ultimate guide on the scientific study of space is provided by Professor Mark J. Sundahl, the Global Space Law Center Director at Cleveland State University.

  • Productivity

As a modern lawyer, you need to be able to use technologies to be more productive. Being able to get assistance from technology can be immensely helpful. Lawrina created a free Legal Citation Generator tool that assists lawyers in navigating through loads of legal sources and databases during their work.

Let's Care about Your Life Balance

Caring about yourself is a job that shouldn't have any breaks. If there is anything we can be thankful for the last few years, it is that they taught us to pay attention to our mind and soul, rest, and recognize our emotions. The only thing we should do is take this knowledge with us and make every year The Year of Care.

At the end of 2021, Lawrina’s team created a Wheel of Life Balance for lawyers that you can interactively practice yourself or download as a PDF copy. This tool will help you to find your ideal balance in the coming year. Go and try it!