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Industry Specialization - Making competitors irrelevant reaches +14.000 downloads/online readers

The ebook Industry Specialization - Making competitors irrelevant written by thought leader Patrick J. McKenna knows already more than 14.000 readers (online & downloaded). Thanks to the broad exposure in media around the world, and the inspiring reviews of firm leaders this book can be categorized as a 'bestselling (although its free to download) source of knowledge'

The book will guide you through:

  • the 12 best diagnostic questions to evaluate whether you have a genuine industry focus;

  • steps to take to form a new industry group;

  • the best ways to have your people explore any industry’s revenue and growth potential;

  • 7 steps to take to make your industry group efforts worthwhile;

  • common failings that clients observe and discuss amongst themselves;

  • 4 different kinds of meetings capable of producing high performance with your industry group;

  • 12 actions to position yourselves as recognized industry thought leaders;

  • 10 actions to effectively monitor industry trends;

  • what to do if a chosen industry initiative falters;

  • how to utilize sales professionals in representing your industry team to the marketplace;

  • how to develop a truly multidisciplinary industry team;

  • AND so much more.

Interested? go to our ebook library and read the book online, or scroll down and download your copy.

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