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How To Make Communication More Efficient In Your Workplace

In your place of business, you are probably not an island of one. You likely have an entire team of employees who need to effectively communicate with each other as the workday progresses. The question of how to accomplish this in the best way possible can be tricky. Read on for some easy-to-implement solutions.

Image Credit Utilize Mobile Best Practices

If your company provides field technician services in any capacity, you know how vital real-time communications are. Being able to connect with your field technician with a Technician Mobile App is essential for a multitude of reasons, including the following important ones:

  • Safety - Whether your technician is working alone or engages in potentially dangerous tasks due to the nature of their work, connectivity is essential for their safety. They need the ability to let you know when they have arrived on site and alert you to any problems or concerns.

  • Communication - Of course, an app will help your team communicate with one another, but a mobile technician app will place specific information in the hands of your tech right when they need it. They can seamlessly relay information back and forth with other team members to collaborate and deal with issues as they occur.

  • Documentation - Paperwork is necessary in any job. It can become cumbersome and a nuisance when there is too much of it when on site. A technician’s mobile app can hold everything from work orders and manuals to invoices and specs.

Respect Boundaries

If you run a 24/7 operation, have overly dedicated employees, or are always working yourself - you may be communicating with your team at all hours of any given day. If your business runs in a 24/7 capacity, it is understandable and expected that those clocked in will be in constant communication with one another in some capacity.

It is those not signed in at work, who are working remotely, or on vacation or leave that need your consideration. Living and working in a culture that accepts constant connectivity sometimes means bosses believe their team should be available when needed. After all, they have their smartphones on them anyway, right? Well, wrong.

You need to respect your team’s boundaries outside of the workplace. If they are on leave, out sick, or on vacation, encourage and request them to set detailed out-of-office replies that will point information seekers toward whoever is covering their role while they are gone. If you have remote employees, discuss their working hours and expectations for availability. By talking with the people you work with and who work for you, everyone will be on the same page regarding availability.

Watch this video for a simple guide on how to set boundaries at work.

Image Credit The better you become at communicating in the workplace the more productive your business will be overall. Find the best technology to suit your company's needs and talk with your team to ensure everyone is using their time and respecting other's time in the best ways possible.

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