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Global Legal Hackathon 2022 - ESG X Blockchain: Challenge to the World’s Legal Industry

“Use blockchain technology to bring efficiency and trust to the global challenge of disparate ESG standards, compliance, and reporting.”

Overview Environmental. Social. Governance. The embrace of those three words and the meaning behind them is poised to transform every aspect of life, from air and water and food, to working conditions and workers’ rights, to energy and transportation, to investors and markets, to contracts and laws. The legal industry is front and centre in defining and leading this global movement.

The proliferation of disparate standards and regulations for ESG compliance and reporting, ranging from individual company initiatives, to industry self-governance frameworks, to differing regulation at local, state, and national levels, has increased the administrative burden on organisations while not necessarily ensuring ESG performance improvements and public trust in those improvements.

As a technology that facilitates digital trust among networks and communities of collaborating organisations, rather than relying on central intermediaries, blockchain technology holds great promise in promoting and accelerating the movement toward improving ESG performance around the world. To support teams in addressing this global challenge and opportunity, Integra (the founder of the Global Legal Hackathon) is making its enterprise blockchain technology and tools freely available to all teams in GLH2022. At the conclusion of the GLH finals later this year, Integra will invite one or more successful teams to continue development of their ESG solutions in collaboration with Integra and other global organisations.

Be Part the Solution The Global Legal Hackathon is the largest legal innovation event in the world. In collaboration with our global sponsors, we are inviting law firms, corporate legal departments, law companies and alternative legal services businesses, law students, universities, legal technology companies, public sector and non-profit organisations, and individuals working in the legal industry, to join with thousands of other legal industry innovators at one of the dozens of GLH host locations around the world or virtually, during this year’s Global Legal Hackathon weekend, 25-27 March.

GLH2022 is a free, open access event. There are options to participate in-person at locations around the world, as well as virtually.

GLH CONTACT: Kearra Markowich, Executive Director, GLH: INTEGRA CONTACT: David Fisher, CEO,

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