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Everything You Need To Know About AFFF Lawsuit

In the past few months, there has been a constant buzz about Aqueous Film Forming Foam, better known as AFFF. This foam is typically used by firefighters to extinguish flammable fires and save lives.

Unfortunately, this “life-saving” form turned out to be threatening for the protectors, i.e., firefighters. This is why individuals who have been affected by the form are filing AFFF lawsuits.

If you or any of your loved ones have suffered a loss due to film-forming foam, it’s your legal right to avail of financial compensation for it. But how do you file an AFFF lawsuit? Continue reading to know!

How Does AFFF Work?

AFFF is a firefighting gear explicitly designed for hazardous, flammable liquid fires. Aqueous film-forming foam, or AFFF for short, is a substance that, when applied, creates an aqueous film that spreads over a fire’s surface to swiftly put out the flame.

In essence, the aqueous coating created by AFFF smothers the fire hazard by suppressing flammable liquid vapor.

The foam in this firefighting chemical, which keeps hot fuel from re-igniting, maybe even more crucial. In addition to fire stations, places where AFFF are stored for fire suppression response include:

● Merchant operations

● Chemical plants

● Oil refineries, terminals, bulk fuel storage farms

● Aviation operations and Military facilities

● Flammable liquid storage and processing facilities

Is AFFF & FFFP The Same?

No! AFFF and FFFP are not the same. FFFP (film-forming fluoro protein) is a protein-based foam that uses a natural protein as its foaming component, while AFFF is a synthetic, water-based foam.

FFFP degrades naturally and is much safer to use. However, they work less quickly than AFFF in terms of flow and distribution. Unfortunately, AFFF foam is seen as harmful despite being effective in putting out fires.

In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other organizations have asserted that AFFF foam threatens both environmental safety and human health.

PFAS, sometimes referred to as per- and polyfluoroalkyl compounds, are fluorine-based chemicals found in AFFF. A number of very health complications, including cancer, liver damage, hypothyroidism, vascular diseases, and others, have been related to the dangers of PFAS.

Do You Need A Lawyer To File And Win The AFFF Suit?

Due to the severity of the lawsuits involving AFFF, it would be wise to have a knowledgeable attorney by your side. They can understand your case and collect evidence that’ll support your claim. Generally, an attorney will do the following things:

● Collect the work history and occupational evidence to prove PFAS exposure.

● Collect your medical records.

● Negotiate the settlement with the defendants involved in your case.

● Processing legal claim if satisfactory settlement is not made.

The defendant will further be held accountable for the following:

● Misrepresentation

● Failure to warn

● Fraud

● Negligence

● Intentional infliction

Not to forget, lawsuits of AFFF firefighting foam touch on a wide range of illnesses and cancers. Whichever it is, your lawyer will make sure that you or a loved one receive the compensation you deserve. Working with an attorney will be helpful as they have knowledge about the law and practical experience in dealing with the litigations to ensure you a win.

On the other hand, if you file the case on your own, you might get stuck in the jargon and may not proceed effectively with the case.

Note: If you are unsure whether to file the lawsuit or not, you can get free legal consultation to learn more about the case to make the appropriate decision. They might even provide you with information associated with a similar case and how it led to winning. If you have any more queries, professionals can answer those as well.

What Can Damages Be Compensated?

The facts of your case, such as the degree of your contact with PFAS-containing foams influencing your long-term prognosis and the severity of your sickness, will decide the amount of reimbursement you are entitled to.

The level of your suffering if you were disabled as a result of your exposure to fire-extinguisher foams and lost your ability to work are also considered when calculating the compensation.

In addition, you can avail the claim for the following damage:

● Medical expenses

● Out-of-pocket expenses

● Emotional distress

● Lost wages or loss of earning capacity

● Palliative care expenses

● Loss of consortium

● Pain and suffering

● Punitive damages

To Sum It All Up

You are eligible to file an AFFF foam lawsuit and seek damages if you or a loved one was diagnosed with cancer due to exposure to foam chemicals.

Of course, it is not enough to ease the anguish and suffering; however, a lawsuit can assist in lessening the financial burden brought on by medical expenses, missed income, and other costs. Moreover, your fight for the right will encourage others to file suits as well.

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