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Deadline to participate in DIGIRIGHTS is now open

  • DIGIRIGHTS is a global hackathon aimed at delivering technological solutions for promoting digital rights in smart cities.

  • Participants will have the opportunity to reflect on the implications of technology on privacy, security, information, equality, access to justice, and self-determination.

  • DIGIRIGHTS is supported and sponsored by several media partners, companies and public institutions from all over the world.

DIGIRIGHTS is an initiative of the University of Greenwich, LETS LAB (Law, Emerging Technologies and Science) , Innovation in Law Studies Alliance (ILSA) and Instituto de Innovación Legal - the objective it serves is to provide a collaborative space for designing smart cities that are citizen-centered and promote digital rights.

DIGIRIGHTS will take place via a 3D virtual platform during three days: July 9, 10 and 11. The schedules, registration, and all other essential details can be found on the Hackathon website . You can register for this hackathon either individually or as a group. Participants will be working in teams of 3 to 5 and will include students and professionals from diverse backgrounds (e.g., law, computing, experts in marketing, UX or business development). The hackathon will further offer training opportunities in technical tools, delivery, and legal design. A jury made up of leading figures in legal tech will select and award the three best applications that respond best to the set challenge upon relevant assessment on the criteria of originality, innovation, relevance, sustainability, and impact. The jury will be composed of Legal Tech experts from all over the world as Jim Chiang, Tomer Libal, Juan Carlos Luna, Ebru Metin, Dory Reiling, Jordi Rivera and Karol Valencia. Weronika Banska, Helen Darbyshire and Chris Sykes are part of the Advisory Board.

The aim of DIGIRIGHTS is to facilitate continuing education for students and professionals interested in LegalTech, through providing an opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration. As such, this initiative is set to stimulate the development of technology for furthering access to Justice and will offer participants a unique opportunity to expand their network and to work together with experienced professionals from different fields, as well as to enhance their employability skills and resume.

You can access all information about DIGIRIGHTS through this link.

For more information:

Instituto de Innovación Legal, SL

C/ Alcalá, 116, 6º Izquierda, 28009, Madrid

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