World Legal Summit Special Edition

Table of Contents | WLS Special Edition:

Introduction, WLS Team World Legal Summit Overview

  • Informed Technology Development for a Globally Sustainable Future, Aileen Schultz

  • The Inaugural Year Sets the Stage, WLS Team

  • WLS Global Impact Award: ValiData, A Solution that Demands Sustainable Identity Systems, Cara Sabatini

World Legal Summit : Regional Summaries Section overview Jurisdictional Frameworks, WLS Team

  • Legislative Environment in Africa: Data, Digital Identities, Blockchain and AI, Alice Namuli & Collins Tumukunde

  • Regulatory Developments in AI, Decentralised Technologies, Data Protection and Cybersecurity in the Asia-Pacific, David N. Alfred & Josh Lee Kok Thong

  • European Summary, Federico Gabbricci & Deborah Bolco

  • Short Overview Latin America, WLS Team

  • Brazilian Legal Framework in Connection with the World Legal Summit, Paula Figueiredo

  • North America, Aileen Schultz

World Legal Summit : Technology Themes Section overview Topics on Technology Governance, WLS Team

  • Renewing Multilateral Governance in the Age of AI, Daniel Araya

  • Product Lability and AI: Who's Really at Fault?, Myron Mallia-Dare

  • Tech Governance: The future of Digital Identity, Alice Nawfal

  • Self-Sovereign Digital Identity: The Management of Identities and the Ability to Prove Who We Are, Tatiana Revoredo

  • Suggested legislative measures to overcome the contact tracing “trust gap”, Mark Potkewitz & Ryan Carrier

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