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Running Your First Conference

There are many great reasons why you might need to have a conference. It could be that you are hoping to introduce new ideas into your business, and you need to start talking to your team about it. Or it might be that you want to bring together a number of different people from within the industry - or several industries - and bash some ideas together in a convivial space. Whatever it is, you are likely going to want to make sure you are planning it all out well, and that means knowing a thing or two about what to expect about what is involved.

Choosing A Sensible Date

It’s no use running a conference if nobody is able to attend it! You need to think carefully about when you plan to host it and make sure that there are no obvious calendar clashes that anyone is likely to have. If it is a business-only conference, an internal one, then you will be much more certain of this, but you’ll still want to consider the busy times of the year that your business has and whether or not that will clash. If it is an industry-wide event, then you’ll want to be aware of anything that might be happening within the industry already at the same time.

Keep Security In Mind

In a sense, you have to make sure that you are focused primarily on the security aspects of the conference, as otherwise you might run into trouble. That’s the last thing you want. Fortunately, it should be simple enough to keep the security strong. Mostly it will be about keeping everyone identifiable, which you can do with a trusty ID card and some lanyards. If you are hosting an online event, be sure to only give out the link just before - and password protect it if you feel that is necessary.

Have A Focus

You need to make sure that there is also a clear focus to the day, as that will enable people to get much more out of it. This might be self-evident from the kind of day that it is likely to be, or you might want to make a point of making it clearer. In either case, it is something that might take some work. With a focus, the day will be much more successful, and all the attendees will put more into it as well.


It might not sound important, but you do need to make sure that you are providing refreshments for your guests. This will ensure that they are not going to flag, which can often be a problem with long or all-day conferences in particular. You don’t need to provide a great deal - just make sure that there is something that they can snack on at least and something to drink. If nothing else, this will keep people sharp, and you will find the day to be much more successful for that. All in all, you need to look after the guests who are attending.

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