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How Technology Can Transform Your Small Business

Technology is rapidly changing with new gadgets to help us around the home as well as new phones and laptops with apps and software that can transform your business to assist with finances, rotas, or writing documents on the go to help our company go work smarter instead of harder. With the installation of wifi in an ample amount of places from coffee shops to conference centers allowing your team to work from anywhere if needed.

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IT support Along the way, you may encounter some technical issues where a system goes down, or you'll have one or two teething problems with new software or gadgets. This is where you'll need remote IT support for small businesses speedily to give you your time back to focus on your business and to give you advice for the future. They often can get out to you and solve your IT problems within a week.

Video calls

Gathering your team together in one place at the same time is always a challenge, but having video calls to do this can save you a lot of time. It also means you can have them more often as they are easier to arrange along with saving you a lot of expenses of conference rooms and any catering requirements. Video calling allows you to work together while unleashing the power of your team by holding regular meetings online


This can be a significant investment, but supplying an iPad to each department can transform the everyday running of your business. There are many apps out there where you can search for items or products along with keeping track of stock instantly without the need to keep your customers waiting while you search through the stockroom to find a specific product they are after. They have other aspects like calculators or creativity apps to create leaflets, posters or business cards.

Work phones

A significant way you can give your business a makeover is to provide each member of staff a phone that is used only for work. When you have completed a project, you can phone and ask someone with any concerns straight away, along with taking a photo of the result to send in an email instantly to your manager to show clients. Having pictures of current projects is great to post on your website or on your social media platforms to show your clients what you offer.

Security software

Investing in security software can be pricey, but it's a must to keep your business safe from cybercriminals. Researching and installing a security system will run in the background to ensure that your documents, passwords and other vital parts of your company to keep everything private. If you are struggling to find security software to benefit your business then seek professional advice.

Social media

Social media is becoming such a big part of our daily lives to connect with family, share experiences, and find businesses that you require. Posting on social media with daily updates about your company will make your customers feel like they know more about you and what you offer. If you keep popping up on their social media feed then they will remember seeing your company when they need someone and will be able see what you have to offer with ease. A lot of people will share their experience with your company online for hundreds of people to see, so ensuring you give excellent customer service each time will help boost your reviews online. Most customers will search for reviews about your business before they contact you.


Inputting everything onto the computer lets you see all your numbers at a glance, that you can instantly input into a chart to see which areas your business is thriving in and where it needs some extra attention and improvement. Getting into the habit of transferring everything from paper to online means each member of staff can access the data anywhere when they need it as well as being able to see what your figures were last year vs. this year so you can see what needs improving and areas that are succeeding.

Hopefully, using these top seven tips, you will come away from pen and paper and transform the everyday running of your business using technology to keep everything reachable instantly using phones and ipads. Taking the time to ensure you keep up with regular posting on your social media platforms to share latest offers and projects so your clients can see them immediately.

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