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LegalBusinessWorld eMagazine 2020 - ed. #2

Table of Contents | eMagazine 2020 - ed. #2:

  • The Critical Elements of Non-Hourly Pricing, Richard G. Stock

  • Effective Strategy Often Requires Being First and Being Exceptional, Patrick J. McKenna

  • Do AI’s dream of stock option plans (or: How AI becomes a person), Marko Porobija

  • Education in the Era of Legal Tech, Mauricio Duarte

  • Learning About Technology the Hard Way. How Can Education Help Future Lawyers from the Same Fate, Jeanne Somma

  • Streaming Technology provided by Netflix, Spotify and others, in the Context of Tax law and Digital law, Tatiana Revoredo

  • Going In-house: A Changing Marketplace, Kenny Tung

  • A ClariLegal interview with Zachary Moen, Founding Attorney of ZVMLaw, Cash Butler and James Johnson

  • Legal Department Trends Expose Challenges and Opportunities Ahead for Law Firms, Josh Blandi

  • Transforming your life and work in the age of COVID-19. Case studies of holistic, strategic, social impact programs in the legal industry, Pamela Cone

  • The Virtual Office: A Sustainable, Affordable Business Model, Garrett Dubois

  • My journey from paralegal to product manager, Kai Hellstrom

  • Interview with Bhaven Shah, Co founder, Presolv360, Editorial Department

  • 10 marketing tips for lawyers and consultants who want to be in better shape after the crisis, Rob Meijers

  • Time for mindful self-management in legal professions, Reinhard Gaertner

  • The COVID-19 aftermath for Professional Services: Three Hypotheses, Sebastian Hartmann

  • Big Law firms world-wide are well prepared to continue their day to day business, Editorial Department

  • Clio offers $1 million USD to help the global legal community, Editorial Department

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You can read the online reader version here.