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Through Hardship to the Stars

Updated: May 3, 2023

The Rise of the Israeli law firm with 150,000 Facebook followers


It’s a story of a law firm managing partner – one of the largest law firms in Israel - that has not only overcome many obstacles in his personal life - but has also pushed boundaries in the Israeli legal industry in an unprecedented manner. He has built a legal empire with stellar representation and a unique business model.

Israel holds a record of the highest number of lawyers per capita in the world. Law firms, especially newly established ones, face extreme competition in this densely saturated industry. In order to stand out and succeed, it is vital to offer innovative and pioneering services.

Sende’s firm, established a mere 5 years ago, is currently the top bankruptcy and insolvency law practice in Israel. It has experienced unaccustomed growth and success, with an expansion rate of over 40% in the last year alone. The firm has made its way onto Israel’s Top 25 law firms league, employs over 70 attorneys, and has almost 150,000 followers on Facebook.

These are major accomplishments in such a congested and competitive industry.


However, it is important to clarify that Sende’s achievements are not a result of a privileged affluent upbringing – quite the contrary. His childhood was fraught with struggles as his family experienced overwhelming financial difficulties, following which his father, trying to assist the family with the debt, was killed in a car accident, adding to Send’s mother which fell to her death a few years ago. This begs the question, how did Sende overcome these tragedies and create such a successful legal phenomenon?

His Unique Approach and Business

Instead of succumbing to his misfortunes, Sende used his adversities as motivation for success. He took a risk and tapped into a vacant industry. The firm exclusively assists private individuals experiencing insolvency or bankruptcy related difficulties. This goes against the norm of most firms who solely represent companies and big corporations.

His unconventional approach, combined with his persistent stamina, has positioned the law firm to be the largest and most reputable in its field. The legal proceedings handled by the firm alone are currently accountable for more than a staggering 20% of bankruptcy cases in Israel. This unambiguously attests to his resourcefulness and innovative approach, and how these have greatly contributed to his success.

Sende’s firm also follows a distinctive and unusual set of hiring requirements. They do not place too much importance on prospective employees university degrees. Rather, the firm looks at the candidates themselves, including their approach to life and their desire to win cases. He credits this aspect as one of the firm’s strongest attributes.

In 2019, the firm was ranked as 22nd in Israel in relation to size, with a team consisting of attorneys, economists and accountants.

In addition to having offices in North and South Israel, he has also globally expanded his enterprise by establishing branches in New York, Los Angeles, and Europe. The offices situated outside of Israel are aimed at clients who cannot return home because of their debts. His unusual approach has allowed his business to not only grow locally but also to access foreign markets.

Recent Notable Business Activity

Sende has now led counsel for various significant proceedings, some of which have resulted in rulings affirmed by the Supreme Court. Recently, he assisted in implementing a specific credit card, where one does not require a checking account, nor is one liable for loans. He also frequently advocates against financial institutions and banks that recklessly provide loans and cause naive customers to instantly become debtors. This approach is often unprecedented in the legal profession – especially when relating to bankruptcy.

Staggering Social Media Presence It is also important to highlight the firm’s impressive social media presence. We live in a digital age where online activity is a necessity for the survival and growth of any business. Sende entered a densely populated profession, where it is hard to prevail, let alone stand out.

He managed both, to such an extent, making him one of the largest law firms in the world (!) with regard to Facebook activity, if not the largest one – according to last search.

Lirom Sende has marked staggering, unprecedented achievements with regard to social media. In order to comprehend this, consider the following: some of the world’s largest international mega-law firms have garnered thousands of ‘likes’ on their Facebook pages – such as Baker McKenzie (14,400), White and Case (9,700), Clifford Chance (3,400), Allen & Overy (1,100). Lirom Sende’s firm is rapidly approaching the absolutely astonishing 150,000 threshold.

He may still be a somewhat anonymous player in the international arena – he is the only one in the game displaying such a striking feat, one which many companies can only dream of emulating.

Future of the Firm

Sende has ambitious aspirations for the next 10 years. He seeks to educate the Israeli public about financial and fiscal repercussions so that they can make informed decisions regarding finances. He also aims to make his firm the largest in Israel and create new departments, such as; taxation, real estate, labour law, military law, commercial litigation, and IP. This will eventually generate an all-in-one service provider for his clients.

The firm has only been active for the past five years, and has already experienced exponential growth and recognition. We can only try and imagine what the future holds in store for Sende’s legal powerhouse.

Lessons Attained by Sende’s Experience

Lirom Sende and his firm provide numerous lessons from which one can acquire. Sende stresses that it is important to: ‘never fear initiative, enrich your knowledge in your field of expertise, and believe in your cause.’

His unparalleled desire to consistently improve the services he offers, as well as his drive to be the best, is something to be commended.

Take-Home Pointers

Sende has proven that in order to succeed in this highly competitive field, it is vital to provide services that are different and niche, that stand out, that are out-of-the-box and to identify and cater for clients whose needs are not addressed by the other masses of law businesses currently operating in Israel.

He credits difficult stages in his life for providing the foundation for growth, and for giving him valuable life lessons. Lirom Sende is a legal sensation, and has not only successfully infiltrated and grown in his field of expertise – he has also shown that if one wants to succeed, it is of crucial importance to aim for the stars, think different and offer something truly unique.


About the Author

Adv. Lirom Sende is widely regarded among the leading experts in the Israeli private bankruptcy and insolvency practice fields. A young and ambitious rising star in Israel's legal landscape, over the past years Sende has demonstrated a combination of outstanding and creative legal skills and a uniquely keen business vision, with which he has built a first-of-its-kind legal enterprise and which he has rapidly led to be ranked as one of the top 25 largest Israeli law firms.

Adv. Sende regularly participates in a wide array of parliamentary and legislative proceedings, among which the recently accepted Insolvency Act that will be taking effect this year and that is expected to constitute a legal revolution in this sector. Aside from his ongoing legal activities, Sende is a much sought-after lecturer, regularly appearing and lecturing before leading banks and financial institutions.