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The New Kid on the Block: The young Israeli attorney who's conquering the Israeli legal sector

In the world of law, he is considered a phenomenon. He is only 33-years-old and is already recognized as one of the leading lawyers in Israel. Adv. Amit Hadad is the legal world's rising star, who has managed to work his way up the ladder in a highly competitive and saturated legal market. He leads Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's legal team, and his achievements to date are simply astonishing.

Adv. Amit Hadad drives an impressive portfolio that contains a plethora of accomplishments. Already at the beginning of his career, he was designated by the late Dr. Jacob Weinroth as his heir and successor. Weinroth, who was the doyen of Israeli lawyers with significant international recognition, worked the most monumental cases in Israeli history, was an emissary in political and statutory issues (some of which remain cloaked in annonymity) and was a consultant and confidant to key state figures, most prominently the Prime Minister.

From the outset, the late Dr. Weinroth saw the immense potential of this young attorney, Adv. Amit Hadad, quickly promoting him to partner and positioning Amit as his right hand man – right up until his last day. Amit, who was his protégé, considered him a teacher, mentor and family member. Weinroth relied on Amit's abilities and acumen. He was involved in cases of political and security importance and assumed responsibility for very high profile clients.

Today, Adv. Amit Hadad is the head of a leading Israeli law firm, Hadad Roth & Co., that carries on the legacy of the late Dr. Jacob Weinroth and is considered one of the most prominent and successful law firms in commercial litigation and both financial and white collar criminal defense.

According to Adv. Hadad, from the moment he sat in his first "contracts" lecture at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, he "felt at home"; however – his original academic choice took him down a starkly different career path. With guidance from his parents, Amit attended a science-oriented school as a child and even embarked on a academic degree path in Computer Science. His mother was a probation officer who called lawyers "predators," and yet he found himself transitioning away from the sciences and into legal studies.

Retrospectively, says Amit, his calling to be a lawyer was apparent throughout his life. It started in grade school when he acted as a mediator between friends and teachers, even making claims on their behalf.

He was recruited by the Israel Defense Forces into the elite Israel Air Force pilot course, into which only the top-tier of Israeli youth are accepted. In the midst of flight training he suffered from medical complications, opting to transfer to the Israel Defense Force's military police, where he served as an investigator and intelligence officer.

Amit's method of investigation was unique and unlike that of his colleagues, and even then his talents as a litigator stood out, while he persuaded those being interrogated that admission is always the advantageous route.

Immediately after his discharge from the military, Amit wasted no time, enrolling in law school after scoring in the highest percentile on his pre-university exams. Amit is a summa cum laude alumnus of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with degrees in Law and Criminology.

Amit's educational experience proved formative in developing his professional decisiveness. To finance his studies, Amit worked night shifts at Ben Gurion Airport's crime-prevention unit. In his second year, Amit began representing students before disciplinary tribunals at the university. He stood out and succeeded in all endeavors he undertook, and within a short time his circle of "clients" expanded into students at other academic institutions.

Amit, who relentlessly aspired to excel, drew his knowledge and experience from the best in the field. While a student, he served as a Research Assistant to Professor Alon Harel (Chair of Criminal and Administrative Law and Professor at the Faculty of Law at the Hebrew University) and Prof. Shimon Sheetrit (Professor at the Faculty of Law at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a former Knesset Member and Government Minister in Israel) both of whom are his primary legal mentors.

Later on, Amit clerked for the late Supreme Court Justice Edmond Levy, a public law activist who specialized in criminal law, who instilled in Amit values of excellence and perseverance – values that shaped him as a budding attorney.

After Justice Levy's death in the midst of his clerkship, Amit began to intern in the office of the late Jacob Weinroth who quickly recognized his talent, assigning Amit to work alongside him on many high-profile cases.

In 2014, he was chosen by Israel's leading financial outlet, The Marker, as one of the 40 most promising young people in Israel. That same year, he was chosen by Forbes as one of the 100 most promising young Israelis under the age of 30.

In 2016, when he was only 31, Amit also appeared on the list of the 40 most promising young Israelis of the Globes financial magazine.

Amit believes in his work as a lawyer and executes it faithfully. He is characterized as extremely sharp coupled with a cool temper, attributes that motivate him in the courtroom. His litigatory abilities are described as "extraordinary" and associate him with the "cold" kind of lawyers; Amit pauses a few seconds before dispensing an answer, states his claim in poker-faced moderation yet conveys it with necessary sincerity and gravity.

After the death of Dr. Jacob Weinroth, Amit set sail on his new journey along with Adv. Ariel Roth and other lawyers from the Weinroth firm, launching Hadad Roth & Co. Law Office, where Amit is careful to instill and preserve the legacy of the late Dr. Jacob Weinroth.

A significant moment in Amit's career, and one that charted his path as a top tier white-collar defense attorney, occurred during the Weinroth firm breakup, as the Prime Minister chose Amit Hadad to assume the role of the late Dr. Weinroth as Benjamin Netanyahu's lead attorney and legal advocate.

Apart from the Prime Minister, Amit's clients comprise a list of prominent public figures, among them the Mayor of Haifa, represented by Amit in the framework of her successful mayoral campaign; the former CEO of Bank Hapoalim – the largest bank in Israel; the Prime Minister's wife, Mrs. Sara Netanyahu; a lieutenant colonel in the Israeli intelligence corps (reserves); businessmen, CEOs and directors, commercial companies and more.

Despite his young age, Amit believes in generating clients by the age-old method of ‘one client brings another one’. He is familiar with today's new and popular marketing methods, but still chooses to operate by the "old school" ethos and believes that good work brings more good work. Many late nights you will find Amit at a client's home who asked for urgent and immediate assistance, setting up a legal "operation room" that works around the clock at problem solving.

In an era in which most lawyers invest significantly in media, ranking guides, etc. – Amit believes in the personal relationship with the client, directly correlating to the development of additional clientele.

Currently, Amit is leading the establishment of a Committee for Prisoners in Israel. According to Amit, Israel has not towed the line with other countries when it comes to prisoners' early release practices. Amit believes that holding a person under inhumane conditions does not allow a prisoner to preserve his or her human dignity and thus does not lead to real change. According to Amit, prison does not deter from criminal action, and the emphasis should shift from incarceration to enforcement.

Israel is the world’s most saturated and competitive legal market, with over 3000 new attorneys joining the Israeli legal market every year. Israel holds the world record for the number of lawyers per capita: 1 attorney per approximately 128 Israeli citizens.

With these growing numbers, coupled with the entry of international law firms into the country, the erosion in the status of lawyers as well as in their fees, it is very difficult for a young lawyer to stand out and manage a successful career in a relatively short period of time.

Adv. Amit Hadad has managed to standout at the young age of just 33, and is already considered one of the leading attorneys in Israel. Notwithstanding his impressive accomplishments, there is no doubt that the peak of his career is yet way off in the future and will certainly impact Israeli jurisprudence for decades to come.