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Pivoting From a Law Degree to Discover New Opportunities

If you’ve studied something complicated or difficult, then you’ll find that switching up your career can be quite the challenge especially if you’re unsure how to pivot your existing skills and repurpose them in a different industry. So in this article, we’re going to talk about how you can pivot from one of the most challenging fields and adapt your skills for different industries.

Take advantage of your problem-solving ability

One of the traits you’ll pick up when pivoting from a law degree is the ability to analyze and solve problems with minimal effort. This is something that can be leveraged regardless of your industry of choice and it’s incredibly useful in all career paths.

Utilize your communication skills

Another quality that you acquire from studying law is excellent communication skills. Whether it’s talking to investors or managing customer concerns, your communicative skills are a fantastic trait to have regardless of where you work. If you’re applying for a job that makes regular use of customer or client relationships, then your communication skills will be incredibly useful.

Conflict resolution skills

Another important skill to leverage is your ability to resolve conflicts. Since success in the legal field requires a deep understanding of people and their motivations, you can use your conflict resolution experience to solve human resources concerns or even deal with customer-related issues with ease.

Below, we’ve included an infographic that goes into more detail about some of the advantages you can expect to see from studying a Master of Laws degree.

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