Is Your Website Professional Enough?

All businesses today should have a website. Whether you do business online, or just use it to communicate with your customers and clients and give them the information that they need about your company, a great website is crucial if you want to succeed. Some businesses, in specific sectors, can get away with a less than professional site. They can have some fun with designs and focus on the personality behind the brand. But, if you work in a law office, or run your own firm, that simply isn’t the case. If you want to be taken seriously, and attract business, your website needs to be well-managed, clearly designed, and professional. No one is going to trust a lawyer with an unprofessional, cheap, or otherwise ineffective webpage. If you are wondering if your website is striking the right tone, here are some of the questions that you need to ask yourself.

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Is It Easy to Read?

The first thing any website needs to do is pass on information. Your site should include contact details, opening times, and a list of services, at the very least. How much detail you include is up to you, but whatever there is should be easy to read. Stay away from quirky fonts and bright colors that might clash and be hard to look at. Keep things clear and concise.

Is the Information Correct?

The last thing that you want on a legal website is incorrect information. Getting contact details wrong can mean that you lose business, and failing to describe services correctly could mean that you face misunderstandings and problems further down the line. Double and triple check everything on your website, and regularly review and update the information.

Is it Well Written?

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Would you want legal aid from someone that can’t spell or writes poorly? Would you trust someone with a badly written website with your legal issues? It doesn’t really matter, but first impressions do matter, and your website is often yours. Use a service like Grammarly, and ask someone else to proofread everything that you write, especially longer blog posts and content.

How Do You Display Ads?

There’s nothing wrong with displaying ads on your website. It can be a great income stream, and a few advertisements can even make a website look more professional. But, you need to remember the core message of your site. Manage Google Ads the smart way, avoid overcrowding, or running multiple ads in the same area. They should be an add on. They should never crowd the content of your site.

Is it Simple?

When people are seeking legal aid, whatever the reason, they are often stressed out, rushed and even upset. They certainly don’t want to spend their time navigating a complicated website. They should be able to come on to your site and easily find what they need, without having to search through loads of information. Keep your navigation simple and clear. Your posts short and concise and make sure key information and customer care is the real focus, with everything else there to support it.

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