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Strategy Innovation | Getting to the Future First

Patrick J. McKenna's new ebook: read 240 pages of prescriptive and provocative strategic counsel

"Far too many firm leaders and executive committee members are consumed by immediate issues, and firmly enmeshed in the fierce urgency of now. You MUST spend some portion of your time reading, listening, and thinking about your external environment. As comfortable as it is to determine your priorities based on your past experience — and as much as it saves time and effort — it is today, a deadly practice" - Patrick J. McKenna

What Are You Paying Attention To? Survey Results On The State of Firm’s Strategic Planning Efforts PART ONE | Firm Strategy

  • Schedule Time For Strategic Thinking

  • 32 Strategic Innovation Questions | Basic Building Blocks To Prompt Innovative Action

  • How Conventional Strategizing Can Be a Waste of Time

  • Conducting A Strategic Review Versus A Strategic Plan

  • Bring Your Strategy Process To Life

  • Efficiency Is Not The Competitive Advantage

  • Beware of Being Afflicted By Strategy Viruses

  • On Having A Strategic Focus

PART TWO | Business Unit Strategy

  • Developing Your Growth Strategy: Seeking Clear Blue Water

  • Understanding Industry Dynamics

  • The Tech-Driven Hybrid Practice

  • Importance of The Micro Niche

  • Some Lucrative Micro-Niche Practise

  • Six Elements of Meaningful Differentiation

  • Perspectives On Strategizing

PART THREE | Implementing Your Plan

  • When Your Strategic Plan Needs To Get Implemented

  • Consider a Strategic Plan Premortem

  • Getting Committee Members To Follow-Through on Their Commitments

  • The Dangers of Competitive Plagiarism

  • Conclusion


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