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Global Legal Hackathon: #GLH2019 Special Edition

Table of Contents | Special Edition - #GLH2019:

  • Global Legal Hackathon by Pierson Grider

GLH Winners

  • Lawrelai, The first global legal travel solution by Legal Shapers

  • inteliLex, Reclaim your knowledge, interview with Agnieszka Poteralska

  • Uthority, We will tell you what your governmental authority really wants by Marianna Matokhniuk

GLH Partner Contributions

  • Law is going Digital in Romania, and Worldwide, by Mădălina Hristescu, and Roxana Țărmurean

  • Globally, Lawyers Gain a Competitive Edge Through Technology by Dean Sonderegger

  • Towards A Borderless, Diverse and Multidisciplinary Global Legal Industry, by Esther Dediashvili


You can download and read the PDF version here.

You can read the online reader version here.

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