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Your Weekly Lawtomatic Digest

The Appetizer: Sponsors

The Main Course: 5 Things That Made Me Think This Week

  • 50 Years of Law Office Tech Infographic: as a retrospective, this is fun to look at, and a good reminder of how dramatically things have changed.

  • Project X: Thomson Reuters has unveiled a new tool, Panoramic, which they claim is a game-changer when it comes to legal workflow management. From the write-ups, it seems like an exciting and novel product. Start reading here.

  • Data Doesn't Make Decisions: Zena Applebaum lays out her ideas on the interplay of tech tools and people, with a reminder that its ultimately humans who make decisions. She even links to a terrific podcast episode featuring Cat Moon for more on the topic.

  • Full List of Global Legal Hackathon Winners: an exciting array of projects from GLH sites around the world. Can't wait to see which one ultimately wins!

  • Last Minute Programming Alert: on Thursday, March 7 at 2pm ET (11am PT), Dennis Kennedy and Mike Cappucci of Foundation Lab will be hosting a webinar on the productization of legal services. It's free, and this is a fascinating topic (so fascinating to me, in fact, that writing up a long-form how-to is my next major project! Please e-mail me if you have experience in this area and are willing to offer feedback on drafts).

  • Atlantic Photo Blog: this photo blog contains tons of terrific collections to check out. Given that Mardi Gras yesterday, its "Carnival Around the World" pictures are a great place to start.


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Gabe Teninbaum (@GTeninbaum) is a professor at Suffolk Law (with additional affiliations at Yale, Harvard, and MIT) focusing on legal innovation, technology, and the changing business of law. Every day, he digest tons of content on these topics. The goal of Lawtomatic, his newsletter, is to curate the most interesting, valuable, and thought-provoking of these ideas.

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