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The Main Course: 5 Things That Made Me Think This Week

  • Axiom goes big(ger) time: Bob Ambrogi reports that Axiom is preparing an IPO and to spin off two companies. Alternative legal service providers going public!

  • Design to Solve Wicked Problems: IDEO's Tim Brown lays out how he thinks design thinking can solve the thorny problems that require the most attention. Lots to take for the legal field - from A2J to law firms - these are *our* problems.

  • Community.Lawyer: I'm intrigued by, which is a simple document assembly/app building tool for the legal services community. I've long been a fan of QnAMarkup for its simplicity and elegance, and am looking forward to digging in here, too.

  • How to Evaluate Legal Tech that Improves Efficiency: Dera Nevin provides a clear approach.

  • Three Ideas for Funding Legal Innovation: check out Dan Lear's take on getting more funding into the legal ecosystem to fund creative projects.

A Lagniappe

  • Theft: this graphic novel about the history of music (and the "borrowing" of ideas from one artist to another, as well as efforts to police it). A solid primer on 2,000 years of IP law, and cool art to go with it.


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