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Your Weekly Lawtomatic Digest

The Appetizer: Sponsors

The Main Course: 5 Things That Made Me Think This Week

  • Eighteen Ways Courts Should Use Legal Tech: a catalog of tools to help courts to better serve customers (pdf). This report, by IAALS and Bohemian Foundation, is insightful and thought-provoking (hat tip to Prof. Sarah Schendel).

  • Do your processes measure up? A post by Sue-ella Prodonovich about the intersection of process improvement and legal work. Sue-ella is also responsible for bringing a PI/LPM training course to Sydney, Australia on 11/13 taught by the most excellent Catherine MacDonagh & Tim Corcoran. Most of us state-siders won't be able to attend, but it's noteworthy to see PI/LPM applied to non-US examples.

  • Ed Walters's Data Driven Law Reviewed by Colin Levy: I'm excited to read Ed's book, and applaud Colin for digging in with his analysis of it. We need more deep dives like this.

  • Shark Tank Does Legal Tech? Seems like Mark Cuban is interested in the legal field - with interesting implications as more like him come along.

  • Getting Legal Innovation into the Community: a good read on how access to justice, innovation, and community engagement are merging in Chicago.

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About Gabe Teninbaum

(@GTeninbaum) is a professor at Suffolk Law (with additional affiliations at Yale, Harvard, and MIT) focusing on legal innovation, technology, and the changing business of law.

Every day, he digest tons of content on these topics. The goal of Lawtomatic, his newsletter, is to curate the most interesting, valuable, and thought-provoking of these ideas.

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