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The Main Course: 5 Things That Made Me Think This Week

  • What can the legal industry learn from the aviation industry? A thought-provoking piece by James Lee of Legalmation.

  • Tracking Legal Tech on Twitter: I like Twitter, but find the firehose of information VERY distracting. One of the ways I've tried to manage that is, instead of following lots of individuals, following a few lists of people devoted to niche topics of personal interest. Among my favorites, Hannah Konitshek has a really nice list of legal tech people.

  • Declare your Bot! California has a new law requiring people using bots (including legal bots) to make it clear to users that their bots are, well, bots...and not real people. I wonder what Turing would say? Read more on this from the Artificial Lawyer.

  • Interview of Laurent Weisel, CEO of Justly: an interesting listen from the 3 Geeks Podcast on Weisel's work in building a litigation analytics company.

  • Fantasy SCOTUS season! The team at Lex Predict has announced a new season of Fantasy SCOTUS league. An interesting combination of crowdsourcing, fun, and science. Read more here.

  • Please email me with feedback, ideas, and tips so I can deliver what's most valuable to you.

  • Serial Season 3: I think Serial Season 1 was, and is, the high water mark in podcasting. This third season is also terrific: rather than focus on a single, major case, this season, they'll be spending a year telling the stories of typical cases in a typical urban courthouse. It's enlightening and compelling.


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