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Read the Summer Edition of the Business of Law eMag

Now online available (and as PDF Download) LegalBusinessWorld | Business of Law eMag.

100 pages of interesting articles by expert and thought leaders.

  1. How to innovate at a law firm, Eva Bruch

  2. Hold'em or Fold'em? Placing Bets on LegalTech and Innovation, Jason Moyse

  3. Innovation and Technology Lead to Better, Happier Lawyers - Faster, Maya Markovich

  4. Failure to Delegate, Richard G. Stock

  5. Legal Technology in Europe at Work, Transformation in Practice, ELTA

  6. Want To Be a Great Trial Lawyer? Embrace Technology , Stephen Embry

  7. The Value Series, A ClariLegal interview with Carl Herstein, Cash Butler and James Johnson

  8. Israel's' Legal Outsourcing Hub. An Untapped Pool of Talented Attorneys from Around the World, Adv. Lee Goldberg Zaidman

  9. Advancing the Legal Ecosystem by being all-inclusive, interview with Vishnu Prasad

  10. New Law in Asia; Fab or Fad?, Annalise Haigh and Tom Hill

  11. Traditional business models versus new business models, Nerushka Bowan

  12. Legal Tech endeavors in the Startup Nation, Zohar Fisher

  13. Robots or people? Don’t make these compromises with your law firm website!, Sandra Bekhor

  14. How artificial intelligence is helping HR departments prepare for the possibility of increased employee marijuana use, Benjamin AIarie

  15. Outsourcing System Administration, Beth Lambdin

  16. Social Media, two dirty words within the legal sector, Rich Dibbins

Go to our Library for the online edition, or scroll down for a PDF download edition.

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