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New 'Must Read' eBook on Leadership

The new eBook on Leadership from International recognized Thought Leader Patrick McKenna is published and available as online eBook and PDF download in our Library.

Leadership, What's next - Lessons from the Trenches is not only a practical guide, but challenge the reader to think about leadership issues from an individual and group perspective.

Patrick J. McKenna: 'If you lead a team of professionals, this ebook is for you. Your group might be a geographic unit, or one based around a specific project, client, industry or discipline. You're not people's boss, and even if you are, you don't want to act that way. You have limited, if any, powers to issue instructions, commands or orders, and if you have such authority, you rarely use it. So here are some real-world tips, techniques and reflections from those who have worked in the trenches for many years.'

Read the Leadership, What's Next online or download the PDF - It's worthwhile reading!


About the Author

Patrick J. McKenna is an internationally recognized author, lecturer, strategist and seasoned advisor to the leaders of premier law firms; having had the honor of working with at least one of the largest firms in over a dozen different countries. He is the author of eight books most notably his international business best seller, First Among Equals, currently in its sixth printing and translated into nine languages. His most recent work, The Changing of the Guard, Second Edition (Ark Group, 2017), provides in-depth guidance on the leadership selection process in professional firms. Patrick’s three decades of experience led to his being the subject of a Harvard Law School Case Study entitled: Innovations In Legal Consulting and he is the recipient of an honorary fellowship from Leaders Excellence of Harvard Square.

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