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Deloitte Will Acquire Part of US Law Firm in New Legal Venture

Article: Law.Com|The American Lawyer

The Big Four are continuing their march into the legal services realm. In addition to an alliance with Berry Appleman & Leiden's U.S. operations, Deloitte UK will acquire the firm's eight overseas offices.

The British arm of Deloitte is announcing a “first of its kind” alliance with U.S. immigration law firm Berry Appleman & Leiden, as the Big Four accounting firms continue their push into legal services.

In addition to the alliance, which gives BAL access to Deloitte’s scale and expertise outside of the U.S., Deloitte UK will acquire the law firm’s non-U.S. business, which extends across eight different countries.

According to BAL managing partner Jeremy Fudge, the firm’s clients—primarily multinational corporations dealing with immigration challenges—were clamoring for the arrangement, which will take effect July 9.

“The notion of the alliance is being able to provide the very best of both organizations,” he said. “To bring together the best immigration law firm in the U.S. and the best consulting firm in the mobility space is really game-changing.”

For Deloitte, the appeal was to be able to provide heightened U.S. services to its international clients. According to Deloitte partner and global immigration specialist Kalvinder Dhillon, these clients “articulated to us again and again” the increased need for “someone in the U.S. who can provide U.S. services.”

BAL was established in San Francisco in 1980, and the firm’s office there is home to about 300 employees. But after combining two North Texas offices in March, its newly-opened location in Dallas suburb Richardson is expected to reach 320 employees in the next year...

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