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Your Weekly Lawtomatic Digest

The Appetizer: Sponsors

The Main Course: 5 Things You Should Know this Week

  • Legal Service Corp Podcasts: LSC has a new series focused on using innovations to provide better legal assistance. Worth a listen.

  • Clinnovation Conference LIT Bits: as part of Suffolk Law's recent conference on the intersection of law, clinical ed, and tech; several presenters recorded short Ignite-style talks, dubbed LIT Bits (LIT = Legal Innovation & Technology). See them here.

  • LTRC's 'Women of Legal Tech' Class of 2018: congrats to this remarkable group, and keep checking the link for individual profiles of the winners.

  • 'Legal Tech for A Change' Project: the ABA Center for Innovation, Legal Services Corporation, and legal tech companies are partnering to get great tools into the hands of legal aid orgs.

  • Demystifying AI for Legal Orgs: a terrific primer from the Legal Executive Institute.

A Lagniappe

20 Years Ago This Week, Sergey Brin and Larry Page published an academic paper about a tool to help scale the web. That tool was Google. Read the paper here.


About Gabe Teninbaum

(@GTeninbaum) is a professor at Suffolk Law (with additional affiliations at Yale, Harvard, and MIT) focusing on legal innovation, technology, and the changing business of law.

Every day, he digest tons of content on these topics. The goal of Lawtomatic, his newsletter, is to curate the most interesting, valuable, and thought-provoking of these ideas.

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