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Philipp Kadelbach about his Keynote at Lexpo, the most important developments in his field of expert

We've asked the thought leaders and experts who will be speaking at Lexpo'18, legal innovation event:'What is the most important development in their area of expertise and how will it affect the upcoming years?'; 'What will they be talking about at Lexpo'18'; 'What they need to do or read to learn more about their area of expertise and if there is something else they would share?'

Philipp, If you should pick one - what, in your opinion, is the most important development in your area of expertise over the past 5 years in the Legal Market, and how will it affect the upcoming years?

The use of AI-based technologies in law will continue to spread in particular in some areas. The quality of the findings of those systems will increase and the application possibilities will broaden. This provides an opportunity to massively improve access to justice for certain groups of people and companies. I think that would be very good.

What will you be talking about at Lexpo’18?

I will tell my own story. I will talk about disrupted flight from Amsterdam to Berlin in 2009. And that I realized that no meaningful way of enforcing (small) compensation claim against airlines existed. What resulted in founding Flightright. I will also explain why we had to embrace technology to survive. And that our competition forced us to build a new product with instant payout to passengers in 7 minutes.

When the legal professionals at Lexpo'18 want to learn more about your area of expertise or the developments in this expertise, what do they need to do or read?

We all have been inspired by Richard Susskinds books. My next best advice is to think about recent flight disruptions. If there are any then instruct Flightright and experience legal tech in action. Following Markus Hartung on social media is fun. I also recommend the (its mostly in English).

Thank you! Is there something else or an insight that you would share with our readers?

I am very happy to be able to speak about Legal Tech in Amsterdam, because Flightright (see above) is inseparably connected to Amsterdam.


About Philipp Kadelback

Dr. Philipp Kadelbach, LL.M. (Cape Town) is founder and managing director of Flightright, the European market-leader for passenger rights. He founded the company in 2010. He is, above all, responsible for new business, investor relations and the legal department. The company helps consumers to enforce their rights on the No Win - No Fee basis. Since its establishment, Flightright has enforced more than 125 million euros for its customers.

Philipp studied law at the Free University of Berlin. His theses for his international masters of law degree (University of Cape Town) as well as his PhD (FU Berlin, 2000), focussed on consumer protection law. Philipp was born in 1974 and specializes in passenger rights and IT law, both as managing director of Flightright and as partner in the IT solicitors firm Höch Kadelbach Rechtsanwälte. Leading business magazine WirtschaftsWoche refers to him as "one of Europa's Legal Tech Pioneers".

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