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Ben Kingsley about his Keynote at Lexpo, the most important developments in his field of expertise a

We've asked the thought leaders and experts who will be speaking at Lexpo'18, legal innovation event:'What is the most important development in their area of expertise and how will it affect the upcoming years?'; 'What will they be talking about at Lexpo'18'; 'What they need to do or read to learn more about their area of expertise and if there is something else they would share?'

Ben, 'If you should pick one - what, in your opinion, is the most important development in your area of expertise over the past 5 years in the Legal Market, and how will it affect the upcoming years?'

The birth of fintech law is the most significant development for me as a fintech lawyer. 5 years ago what we would now casually refer to as fintech clients would typically have been serviced by tech lawyers odd-jobbing on the financial services aspects, or by financial services lawyers odd-jobbing on the tech; but now there is a cadre of specialist lawyers with genuine knowledge and expertise across both waterfronts. My hope is that over the next few years this will further enhance the UK’s ability to nurture, attract, retain and support the growth of world-leading fintech businesses.

'what will you be talking about at Lexpo'18'

I will be talking about the global legal support programme for fintech and emerging tech businesses that I co-founded in London in 2016 – one of the flagship innovation programmes of my firm in recent years

When the legal professionals want to learn more about your area of expertise or the developments in this expertise, what do they need to do or read?

For a general introduction to fintech law, I would suggest reading the ICLG Fintech Guide, of which I am a contributing editor; this provides a very accessible overview of fintech law in more than 30 relevant jurisdictions.

'Thank you! Is there something else or an insight that you would share with our readers

Please visit my emerging tech microsite at


About Ben Kingsley

Ben is co-head of Slaughter and May's Fintech Group and a financial services regulatory lawyer. He has a broad range of fintech clients spanning major financial, telecom and tech groups through to challengers and start-ups, and including Euroclear, Standard Chartered, Stripe, Vodafone, Tide, WorldRemit and VocaLink. Ben founded the firm’s Fintech Fast Forward incubator programme and mentors a number of the businesses in that programme.

Ben recently co-authored a white paper with ASI Data Science on the responsible deployment of AI in business and is a contributing editor of ‘The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Fintech 2017’, a practical cross-border insight into fintech law across 34 jurisdictions. He is listed as a leading individual in the fintech section of the Legal 500 rankings.


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