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Property-related legal service named one of law industry’s leading A.I. tools

A groundbreaking human-machine hybrid contract tool has been named one of the best legal artificial intelligence products by a leading international law publication.

Robot Lawyer LISA, the brain-child of Chrissie Lightfoot, was featured in the National Law Journal’s inaugural list of Legal A.I. Leaders, a distinction reserved for leading developers of innovative, artificial intelligence-driven products and services.

Legal A.I. Leaders is an extension of the National Law Journal’s highly respected Trailblazers series, which since 2013, has highlighted hundreds of innovative and groundbreaking legal professionals. The National Law Journal hopes this new list will spotlight those entrepreneurs making a big difference.

Chrissie Lightfoot, CEO of Robot Lawyer LISA, said: “It’s a huge honour to be featured on the very first list of Legal AI Leaders that the National Law Journal has produced. Over the last twelve months LISA has been used by students, academics, businesses and general counsel from all over the globe, demonstrating that there is a real appetite for machine-powered legal contract tools that save the user a significant amount of time and money.

“This neglected legal buyer market would typically continue without representation, but AI expertise automation technology such as LISA means that soon everyone will be able to access quality legal expertise at the click of a button. We’re delighted that LISA has been recognised for blazing a trail in serving this growing market.”

Robot Lawyer LISA launched in April 2017, allowing users to create legally binding non-disclosure agreements for free, removing the need to consult costly human lawyers. Since then a suite of property-related legal tools have also been developed that help users create business leases, residential leases and lodger agreements without involvement from human lawyers.

Wayne Curtis, Group Publisher & General Manager, Regionals, at ALM, said: “The companies on the National Law Journal’s inaugural Legal A.I. Leaders list are blazing the trail for the reinvention of the entire legal industry. Our team spent months compiling 49 leading companies that are helping law firms, corporate law departments and others in the legal industry to use artificial intelligence to increase efficiency, improve analysis, better predict outcomes and more.”

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